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Best of Vermont book

Vermont Photographics

Best of Vermont book

$ 14.95

A pictoral collection of the Green Mountain State. 196 Full color views - Covered Bridges - Historic Sites - Attractions.  80 page paperback book.

Vermont is a state like no other.  The rugged splendor of the Green Mountains, the beauty of Lake Champlain, the small forgotten towns, and the generations of Vermonters that have worked and lived, farmed and sugared and endured seemingly endless winters all combine to give Vermont a truly unique identity.  A place visited by many but inhabited by few, leaves Vermont relatively untouched by modern urbanization.  Linked to the past through generations of families whose way of life seems to hold on to the peaceful, serene and simple beauty of their world, Vermont offers nature at its finest.

'Best of Vermont' is a pictorial collection of some of the most scenic parts of Vermont in a variety of seasonal photos organized as a quick picture-tour of the state.

So come tour the beautiful green mountain State of Vermont with our pictorial collection of 196 full color photos depicting the Covered Bridges - Historic Sites - Attractions

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